Shear Reinforcement at Slab-Column Connections in a Reinforced Concrete Flat Plate Structure


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Title: Shear Reinforcement at Slab-Column Connections in a Reinforced Concrete Flat Plate Structure

Author(s): S. Unnikrishna Pillai, Wayne Kirk, and Leonard Scavuzzo

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 79

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 36-42

Keywords: anchorage (structural); columns (supports); concrete slabs; connec-tions; ductility; failure; flat concrete plates; flexural strength; loads (forces); moment distribution; multistory buildings; punching shear; reinforced concrete;shear connectors.

Date: 1/1/1982

Four reinforced concrete slab-column subassemblies were subjected to a high intensity shear and moment transfer at the column-slab connection. The subassemblies consisted of an exterior and an interior panel extending laterally to the ten ter lines between the columns and the framing-in columns above and below, and were cast at one-third scale. The first specimen was cast without shear reinforcement in the slab, the second and third were cast with different configurations of shear reinforcement, and the fourth with the same configuration of shear reinforcement as the second except that the shear reinforcement was not anchored to the flexural steel on the compression side of the slab. The effectiveness of shear reinforcement in increasing the shear strength and preventing punching failure and in improving the ductility of the connections was assessed. It was found that shear reinforcement in the slab at the connections prevented punching failure and generally doubled their ductility. For specimens subjected to gravity loading only, it was found that effective anchorage for the shear reinforcement can be obtained even without tying the stirrups around flexural steel in the compression side of the slab. This considerably simplifies the placement of shear reinforcement in flat plates.