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Title: Tensile and Bending Tests on Very High Performance Concrete

Author(s): L. Biolzi, S. Cattaneo, and J. F. Labuz

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 201


Appears on pages(s): 229-242

Keywords: direct tensile tests; fiber-reinforced concrete;interferometric measurements; modulus of rupture; nominalstrength; size effect

Date: 7/1/2001

The strength and fracture behavior of very high performance concretes (compressive strength about 150 MPa) were studied using interferometric measurements. At peak load, the development of the damage zone in terms of size and shape was observed for geometrically similar specimens of different sizes. The cement-based materials had an aggregate/binder ratio of 1 5, a microsilica/binder ratio of 0.1 and a water binder ratio of 0.22. Beams made without and with I-2% by volume steel reinforcing microfibers were considered It was shown that, when fibers were introduced in the brittle matrix, their influence on the control of crack bridging generated a reduction of the size effect on strength and structural brittleness.


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