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Title: Properties of Concrete Incorporating Slag from the Ferro Alloy Industry

Author(s): J. Pera and J. Ambroise

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 199


Appears on pages(s): 665-680

Keywords: activity index; addition; compressive strength; concrete; permeability; silica-manganese; slag

DOI: 10.14359/10541

Date: 6/1/2001

Two silica-manganese slags containing about 11 % MnO were ground to Blaine finenesses of 360 to 600 m*/kg. Their C/S (CaO/SiO2) modulus was very low (0.47 to 0.58) and, for this reason, these slags were considered likely to be unsuitable for use in the preparation of blended cements. They were therefore introduced in concrete instead of either fly ash or silica fume. The cement content of these concrete mixtures was in range of 2 1 0 kg/m3 t o 4 5 0 kg/m3. The quantity of each supplementary cementing material was adjusted according to the French standards and varied from 50 to 80 kg/m3. The slags behaved as well in concrete as fly ash or silica fume: no decrease in strength was observed and the water permeability was the same.


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