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Title: The Northumberland Strait Bridge Project

Author(s): W. S. Langley, R. Gilmour, and E. Tromposch

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 154


Appears on pages(s): 543-564

Keywords: bridges (structures); cements; chlorides; corrosion; diffusivity; durability; mix proportioning; quality control; silica fume; thermal gradient; Construction

Date: 5/1/1995

Presents an overview of the technical aspects of concrete for a major bridge project in Eastern Canada. The bridge is unique in that it is being designed, finances, and constructed by the private sector; it will also be subsequently operated by the private sector. Private sector partnering with government is a relatively new concept in Canada. This project is an example of the merits of such agreements. The design life of this structure being constructed in a marine environment is 100 years. The length of the bridge will be 12.9 km, constructed in upwards of 35 meters of water. Ice floes throughout the winter and early spring have a major influence on the design and resultant configuration of the structure. Durability of the concrete with respect to chloride ingress, sulfate attack, freezing and thawing, abrasion resistance, and alkali-aggregate reactivity are addressed in the proportioning of concrete mixtures and in the structural design. Extensive use is made of silica fume and fly ash as a measure to reduce chloride diffusivity and heat rise in the more massive sections.


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