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Title: Cements Resistant to Synthetic Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, and Elevated Temperature Environments

Author(s): Michael McVay, Jeff Rish III, Chris Sakezles, Shaik Mohseen, and Charles Beatty

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 92

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 155-163

Keywords: airports; chemical attack; coatings; joint sealants; scaling.

Date: 3/1/1995

The scaling of concrete parking aprons under F/A-l 8 and B-l aircraft asso-ciated with chemical attack from spilled lubricants and heat has been repro-duced in the laboratory. Two different series of tests involving the refluxing of lubricants, water and concrete were performed. The first involved reflux ing ground concretes, and the second, refluxed concrete-coated cylinders. Series 1 tests identijed if the replacement materials were suspect to attack, and Series 2 ‘was designed to measure strength loss of ordinary portland cement- (OPC) coated specimens, as well as replacement materials. Over 10 different coatings and 10 different inlay replacement materials were tested and compared to OPC control specimens. It was found that OPC lost 55 percent of its strength after 7 days, whereas neutral pH cements showed no reaction (Series 1 tests) and no strength loss (Series 2 tests). Only polyvi-nyl alcohol and polyacrylic acid coatings showed a significant reduction in attack (40percent) of all the coatings tested.


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