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Title: Tensile Test and Numerical Simulation Investigations on the Mechanical Properties of a New Type of Slightly Curved Arc HRB400 Steel Bars in Mass Concrete

Author(s): Li Gao, Mei-Ling Zhuang, Fangzhi Zhu, Chuanzhi Sun and Jun Yang

Publication: IJCSM

Volume: 17


Appears on pages(s):

Keywords: Mass concrete, Temperature cracks, Slightly curved arc steel bar, Mean stress–strain relationship, Plastic zone

DOI: 10.1186/s40069-023-00598-0

Date: 9/30/2023

The temperature stress in mass concrete structure is relatively high during construction, which usually leads to temperature cracks. To solve this problem, concrete blocks are usually placed by setting wide slots. Connecting the truncated steel bars at the position of the wide slots by welding or extruding sleeves has many disadvantages. To solve the problem of temperature-induced stress loss, a new type of slightly curved arc HRB400 (SCAHRB400) steel bars was proposed without cutting off the steel bars in this article. Tensile tests and numerical simulations were performed for five types of SCAHRB400 steel bars considering geometric and material nonlinearity. Based on the test results and numerical simulation results, the equivalent stress–strain relationships of SCAHRB400 steel bars were established, and the emergence of the plastic zone of SCAHRB400 steel bars in the tensile process were observed, the tensile properties of SCAHRB400 steel bars were analyzed and discussed. The test results indicate that SCAHRB400 steel bars are prone to local yielding near the crown of large arches and at the connection of horizontal and arc sections. The numerical simulation equivalent stress–strain curves have good regularity. The equivalent stress–strain curves of slightly curved arc HRB400 and HRB335 steel bars have the similar changing law. When the stress is small, the tensile stiffness and compressive axial stiffness of slightly curved arc HRB400 and HRB335 steel bars are similar; when the stress is large, the axial stiffness of SCAHRB400 steel bars is greater than that of slight curved arc HRB335 steel bars. Through test and numerical simulation studies, the theoretical basis can be established for the engineering application of new slightly curved arc steel bars in mass concrete.