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Title: Experimental Behavior of Concrete Corbels Reinforced with GFRP Headed-End Bars

Author(s): Matthew N. Allen and Ehab F. El-Salakawy

Publication: Structural Journal



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Keywords: code provisions; corbel; diagonal cracking; glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP); headed bars; secondary reinforcement; shear strength; strut-and-tie; reinforced concrete

DOI: 10.14359/51740491

Date: 1/29/2024

Glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) reinforcement is a proven non-corrodible alternative to conventional steel reinforcement. A deliberate effort over the past two decades has been put towards developing a comprehensive set of design provisions, culminating in the release of ACI 440.11-22 code. Absent from this code is the strut-and-tie method commonly used in short shear-span applications due to uncertainty in GFRP-RC behavior. Corbels are short shear-span, shear-controlled elements used to transfer vertical and horizontal loads to columns or walls. This study presents the results of ten full-scale corbel specimens with varying reinforcement ratios and shear span-to-depth ratios to better understand the behavior of GFRP-RC corbels under monotonic loading. The results indicate that the cracking behavior, strain development, deflection, capacity, and mode of failure are all dependent on the presence of secondary reinforcement and shear span-to-depth ratio. The thermoplastic headed-end bars were found to be a viable anchorage method.