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Title: Uncertainty-Based Performance Prediction and Optimization of High-Fluidization Cement Grouting Material Using Machine Learning and Bayesian Inference

Author(s): Jiaolong Ren, Meng Wang, Lin Zhang, Zedong Zhao, Jian Wang, Jingchun Chen and Hongbo Zhao

Publication: IJCSM

Volume: 17


Appears on pages(s):

Keywords: Cement grouting material, Uncertainty, Optimization design, Bayesian inference, Multioutput support vector machine

DOI: 10.1186/s40069-022-00562-4

Date: 3/31/2023

In pavement engineering, cement grouting material is widely used to pour into large void asphalt concrete to prepare semi-flexible composite mixtures. It plays an essential role in the performance of the semi-flexible composite mixture. To meet specific engineering requirements, various additives are mixed into the grouting material to improve the physical and mechanical properties. As a result, the uncertainty of the grouting material is also more significant as the complexity of material composition increases during the material design. It will bring some unknown risks for the engineering application. Hence, it is necessary to quantize the uncertainty during the material design of the grouting material and evaluate the reliability of the material formula. In this study, a novel framework of material design was developed by combing the Multioutput support vector machine (MSVM), Bayesian inference, and laboratory experiments. The MSVM was used to approximate and characterize the complex and nonlinear relationship between the grouting material formula and its properties based on laboratory experiments. The Bayesian inference was adopted to deal with the uncertainty of material design using the Markov Chain Monte Carlo. An optimized formula of the cement grouting material is obtained based on the developed framework. Experimental results show that the optimized formula improves engineering properties and performance stability, especially early strength. The developed framework provides a helpful, valuable, and promising tool for evaluating the reliability of the material design of the grouting material considering the uncertainty.