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Title: Comparison of Cement-Hardened Materials for Abrasion-Erosion in Hydraulic Structures

Author(s): Francis A. Omoregie, Richard A. Gutschow, and Mark L. Russel

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 16

Issue: 7

Appears on pages(s): 47-50

Keywords: abrasion-erosion resistance; hydraulic structures; portland cement concrete; roller compacted concrete; soil-cement; Materials Research


Date: 7/1/1994

Abrasion-erosion resistance of cement hardened materials was studied to develop comparable life cycle/cost data. The study included conventional portland cement concrete (PCC), roller compacted concrete (RCC), and soil cement (SC), all of which consist of mixtures typically used in hydraulic structures such as channels and spillways. Given a standard thickness of PCC protection at a given cost per area, the optimal design would result in a method of protection (either RCC, SC, or PCC) that provides an equivalent life at perhaps the least cost. For abrasion-erosion analyses, the design life is idealized and may be defined as the thickness of the section divided by the erosion rate (obtained from laboratory tests). Strength requirements for lining will be determined based on this optimal design. For this study, the design lives of PCC, RCC, and SC were determined based on assumed revetment thicknesses for bank stabilization. Based on estimated unit cost for components of the three alternatives, their total costs were determined.