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Title: Physical Properties of CLSM Using High Volumes of Incineration Ash from Sewage Sludge

Author(s): T. Horiguchi, T. Kikuchi, Y. Nakagawa, and K. Shimura

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 242


Appears on pages(s): 351-360

Keywords: CLSM; density; green concrete; incineration ash; municipal solid waste; sewage sludge; slag

DOI: 10.14359/18726

Date: 4/1/2007

This research evaluated, from the ecological and economical points of view, the potential use of high volumes of incineration ash from sewage sludge in CLSM (Controlled Low Strength Materials). Moreover, a dust powder from crushed stone production is used as a fine aggregate. This new type of green CLSM will be a promising sustainable cementitious material for reducing CO2 emissions. In-situ early-age strength estimation of CLSM was proposed with applying simple cone penetration method (so-called YCP Test, Yamanaka Cone Penetration Test), which has been used for soil strength estimation. Test result showed that the YCP Test is found to be effective for estimating the in-situ early-age compressive strength of CLSM. Test results also showed the adequate strength development and reasonable flowability are confirmed if the mixture proportion is carefully selected. Although, the compressive strength decreases with increasing level of incineration ash, this strength reduction is easily compensated for increasing a small amount of cement content. From these tests results it is confirmed that a wide range of municipal solid waste is applicable for the materials of a new green CLSM.