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Title: Plate Dowels for Slabs on Ground

Author(s): Wayne W. Walker and Jerry A. Holland

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 20

Issue: 7

Appears on pages(s): 32-38

Keywords: construction joints; dowels; load transfer; shear stress; slab-on-ground construction


Date: 7/1/1998

Using plate dowels in slabs on ground for shear load transfer at the joints offers many advantages over traditional round dowels. With plate dowels, compressible material or a pocket former can be easily added to the side of the plate dowel to accommodate the slab’s horizontal movement parallel to the joint, helping to minimize the size and number of restraint cracks. This article evaluates two types of plate dowels: rectangular plate dowels to be used in contraction joints and diamond plate dowels to be used in construction joints.