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Title: Modeling structural concrete with strut-and-tie models - summarizing discussion of the examples as per Appendix A of ACI 318-02

Author(s): Karl - Heinz Reineck

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 208


Appears on pages(s): 225-242


Date: 10/29/2002

After a brief summary of the contents of the SP and the examples, several general points are discussed which are based on observations made about the examples. The choice of a strut-and-tie model is a major issue and different engineers may propose various modles for the same task. This leads to a discussion of the uniqueness of models and whether it is acceptable that different engineers may choose different models and thus different reinforcement arrangements and detailing for the same D-region. A further issue identified in some of the examples was the transition of a B-region to a D-region, and the procedure of modeling is shown. Finally the role and the importance of detailing is emphasized and some examples for this are given. Also some observations are made which led to recommendations for reconsidering some code provisions.