PRC-345.1-16 Guide to Maintenance of Concrete Bridge Members


This guide addresses typical problems and cost-effective maintenance techniques for highway bridges and their members, providing guidance to engineers and maintenance staff. Maintenance is crucial to a bridge’s lifespan and continued functionality, as well as to the public safety. Continuous and systematic maintenance of a bridge will extend its service life and reduce its overall operating cost. Concrete bridge maintenance is defined as those activities that are relatively inexpensive and repeatable, performed when a concrete member is still in good to fair condition, and are intended to prevent or minimize deterioration of the concrete. These activities include sealing, washing, caulking, crack repair, and other minor repairs intended to prolong functionality of bridge members. This guide does not cover major rehabilitation, reconstruction, or bridge inspection. Detailed methods of repairing and inspecting bridges are referenced wherever necessary throughout the guide relative to the subject matter.

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