SPEC-548.16-21: Epoxy and Aggregate High Friction Surface on Concrete—Specification (SI Units)


This Specification describes the work of producing a high-friction surface treatment (HFST) on asphalt or concrete pavements by the application of an epoxy or methyl methacrylate binder and aggregate broadcast. The HFST incorporates a low-modulus polymer binder and selected aggregate to produce a flexible, high-friction (skid-resistant) pavement surface. The HFST may be used for both new and existing pavements. The HFST is produced by applying the neat epoxy or methyl methacrylate binder to the surface and broadcasting aggregate onto it. This Specification includes requirements for components of the polymer binders, aggregates, storage and handling, surface preparation, surface profile, mixing, and placement. Keywords: aggregates; asphalt pavements; concrete pavements; epoxy binder; methyl methacrylate binder; polymer application; quality control; skid resistance.

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