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Using the Multi-Level Assessment to Assess Condition of AAR-Affected Concrete

May 18, 2024 to May 18, 2024

University of Ottawa, STEM Complex
Room 117, 150 Louis-Pasteur Private
Ottawa , ON   Canada
Sponsor(s): University of Ottawa
ACI Co-Sponsored: 
ACI Closed Event: False

The University of Ottawa’s uStructure Research Group is offering a condensed course on the use of the multi-level assessment protocol to assess the current condition of concrete infrastructure affected by alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR). The multi-level assessment protocol entails using microscopic and mechanical test procedures, namely the damage rating index (DRI) and stiffness damage test (SDT) respectively, to appraise the cause(s) and extent (i.e., diagnosis) of concrete deterioration. The multi-level assessment protocol is often used in North America, particularly in Canada, to evaluate the condition of aging infrastructure. This course will focus on implementation of the tools (testing set-ups), a hands-on experience by observing where SDT and DRI tests will be performed and followed by discussions and exercises on data collection and treatment. The learning activities are: 1) conduct or instruct laboratory technical staff to conduct the SDT, prepare the spreadsheet for SDT data treatment and analysis, along with extracting the SDT outputs, 2) conduct the DRI, prepare the spreadsheet for DRI data treatment and analysis as well as computing DRI outputs, and 3) use the multi-level assessment approach to combine the SDT and DRI results and indicate a conceivable level of AAR-induced damage.
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For more information, contact:
Leandro F. M. Sanchez
University of Ottawa
ON    Canada
Phone: (613) 562-5800


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