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1st International Conference on Net-Zero Built Environment - Innovations in Materials, Structures, and Management Practices

June 19, 2024 to June 21, 2024

Oslo Metropolitan University
Oslo    Norway
Sponsor(s): Iowa State University
ACI Co-Sponsored: 
ACI Closed Event: False

Given the growing importance of a rapid global movement toward the built environment’s carbon footprint reduction, this annual international conference will provide a unique venue to facilitate direct interactions on various findings and developments related to net-zero concrete materials and structures. By attracting participants from universities, private industries, and public entities every year, this conference will cover the following five thematic areas: (1) New materials and material preparation processes for zero (or negative) carbon footprint, (2) Robotic construction technologies for minimum formwork and on-site activities, (3) Novel structural designs and details for optimal performance with least material usage, (4) Advanced condition assessment and health monitoring strategies for longest service life, and (5) Innovative demolition, disposal, and recycling processes for waste management. This is a new conference series sponsored by the Research Council of Norway under the International Partnerships for Excellent Education, Research, and Innovation Program. The annual conferences will be held in Norway (2024), South Africa (2025), Germany (2026), USA (2027), and India (2028). The Conference Proceedings will be published by Springer and indexed by Scopus and Web of Science.
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For more information, contact:
Behrouz Shafei
Iowa State University
Ames, IA    United States
Phone: (515) 294-4058


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