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Webinar (October 3): Discover Curing: The Secret to Durable Concrete

October 3, 2023 to October 3, 2023
Starting Time:   1:00 EDT 
End Time:   2:00 EDT 

Sponsor(s): ACI

One of the cheapest and easiest things you can do to improve the durability of your concrete is to properly cure it. Curing concrete is a critical component of concrete construction needed to achieve the durability and quality everyone expects but it is often overlooked or limited. Discover how this relatively inexpensive component of concrete construction can positively impact the quality of concrete structures and pavements, leading to more sustainable construction that saves money in maintenance and an extended service life. Learn how curing improves hydration, lowers permeability, reduces cracking, increases strength, and toughens the surface of concrete. Other topics include different curing methods, choosing the right method for a project, curing versus sealing, decorative concrete curing, hot and cold weather curing, durability, who is responsible for curing, and curing’s role in sustainability. Of course, no education would be complete without understanding what concrete curing resources are available to assist Engineers, Architects, Owners and Contractors.
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Aileen Castelli
American Concrete Institute
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Farmington Hills, MI    48331-3439    United States
Phone: (248) 848-3157


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