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17th International Congress on Polymers in Concrete ICPIC 2023

September 17, 2023 to September 20, 2023

Warsaw University of Technology
Warsaw    Poland
Sponsor(s): Warsaw University of Technology

The aim of ICPIC 2023 is an exchange of multidisciplinary knowledge on the application of polymers “in concrete” and “on concrete”: from the modification of the composition of concrete using modern admixtures and additives, through alternative binders (e.g. geopolymers, sulfur concrete, etc.), polymer composites for the reinforcement of concrete (e.g. fibres, FRP bars and FRP strengthening systems), improvement of the properties of the concrete surface (e.g. impregnation, hydrophobization and coatings) to special properties like self-healing, self-cleaning or energy consumption control with PCM (Phase Changing Materials). The main topic of the Congress in Warsaw are challenges in the field of polymer-cement composites related to the implementation of a circular economy. An important part of the ICPIC 2023 will be the Special Symposium under the title “C-PC in Circular Economy: Searching for a New Paradigm”, organised by the Building Research Institute (ITB) under the chairmanship of Professor Lech Czarnecki. The ICPIC congresses are unique – apart from lectures and paper presentations, we put emphasis on the development of professional relationships between the participants. A friendly university environment in the centre of Warsaw fosters learning and collaboration.
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For more information, contact:
Andrzej Garbacz
Warsaw University of Technology
Warsaw    Poland
Phone: 48601858891


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