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Concrete Pavement Roundabouts

Monday, October 24, 2022  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM, H-Reunion A

The use of concrete for roundabouts in the USA is increasing. Jointed concrete pavements (JCP) are widely used in mid-western States in the USA. Texas has constructed several continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) roundabouts and Virginia has constructed one precast concrete pavement (PCP) roundabout. Recently, the Federal Highway Administration sponsored the development of technical guidelines for design and construction of JCP, CRCP, and PCP roundabouts. This session will present the technical guidelines and experience from actual concrete roundabout projects. The session attendees would include agency staff, design engineers, contractors, and ready-mix suppliers. The attendees will have a good understanding of design and construction of concrete roundabouts.
Learning Objectives:
(1) Identify critical aspects of jointed concrete pavement (JCP) design and construction for roundabout intersections;
(2) List prominent JCP roundabout intersections and describe their peformance;
(3) Describe the features and characteristics of the continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) roundabout intersections in Texas;
(4) Describe the applicability of precast concrete pavements in roundabout intersections.

This session has been AIA/ICC approved for 2 CEU/PDH credits.

Guidelines for Jointed Concrete Pavement Roundabouts

Presented By: Thomas Van Dam
Affiliation: Nichols Consulting Engineers
Description: Jointed concrete pavements (JCP) are the most common concrete pavement type for roundabout intersections. While much of JCP roundabout construction follows conventional concrete pavement construction practices, there are several unique aspects, particularly the layout and jointing of the JCP panels which is complicated by the curvature of the travel lanes. This presentation provides a summary of aspects critical to the performance of JCP roundabouts, including materials consideration, design components, and important construction elements.

Jointed Concrete Pavement Roundabouts - Case Studies

Presented By: Eric Ferrebee
Affiliation: American Concrete Pavement Assoc (ACPA)
Description: The use of jointed concrete pavements (JCP) for roundabout intersections has increased significantly over the last decade, fulfilling a particular need in handling slow moving, heavy truck traffic on busy roadway facilities. While used throughout the U.S., JCP roundabouts have seen extensive construction in the Midwest, including Wisconsin, Kansas, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, and Minnesota. This presentation presents several case studies of successful JCP roundabout projects and highlights the critical design and construction items contributing to their success.

CRCP Roundabouts in Texas

Presented By: Andy Naranjo
Affiliation: Texas Dept Of Trans
Description: The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is one of the largest users of continuously reinforced concrete pavements (CRCP). TxDOT has recently extended the application of CRCP to roundabout intersections, where it has been used to replace conventional intersections with the promise of a low-maintenance, long-life pavement capable of withstanding heavy traffic loadings and challenging environmental conditions. Many aspects of CRCP roundabouts are similar to conventional CRCP designs, but there are several key factors unique to roundabouts that much be considered. This presentation describes several CRCP roundabout projects in Texas and highlights how some of those critical factors were addressed.

Precast Concrete for Roundabout Intersections

Presented By: Shiraz Tayabji
Affiliation: Advanced Concrete Pavement Consultancy LLC
Description: Precast concrete pavement (PCP) technology is gaining wider acceptance in the United States for rapid rehabilitation of concrete pavements and for reconstruction of heavily trafficked asphalt concrete intersections. This technology is now being extended to roundabout intersections, where previous PCP experience in curved highway sections and ramps can be applied. This presentation describes the application, design, and construction aspects of PCP roundabouts for rapid rehabilitation of existing distressed HMAP and JCP roundabouts and highlights the construction of the first PCP roundabout project in Virginia.

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