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Sessions & Events 


Design, Construction, and Performance of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements

Mon, March 30, 2020 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Grand H

Continuously reinforced concrete pavements (CRCP) are heavy-duty pavements suitable for use in high-volume, heavy-truck traffic facilities, and are increasingly being employed by a number of highway agencies because of their long performance lives and low maintenance requirements. This session will present information on the design, construction, and performance of CRCP, with an emphasis on key factors that contribute to their effective performance. The information presented in this session will be of interest to design and construction engineers and others responsible for the management of highway pavement networks.
Learning Objectives:
(1) Describe important factors in the design and construction of continuously reinforced concrete pavements;
(2) Describe the general performance capabilities of continuously reinforced concrete pavements;
(3) Describe methods for maintaining and rehabilitation continuously reinforced concrete pavements;
(4) Describe recent research and innovations for continuously reinforced concrete pavements.

Overview of CRCP Design, Construction, and Rehabilitation

Presented By: Shiraz Tayabji
Affiliation: Advanced Concrete Pavement Consultancy LLC
Description: This presentation will provide a national overview of continuously reinforced concrete pavements, including their design, construction, and rehabilitation

CRCP Performance in California

Presented By: Thomas Van Dam
Affiliation: Nichols Consulting Engineers
Description: California has constructed a number of CRCP pavements over the years and recently conducted an evaluation of their performance. This presentation provides an overview of the performance of these designs and describes important lessons learned.

CRCP Experiments by the Illinois Tollway

Presented By: Daniel Gancarz
Affiliation: ARA
Description: The Illinois Tollway has constructed several experimental CRCP segments on its highway network, as described in this presentation.

Recent Design Innovations for CRCP

Presented By: Jeffery Roesler
Affiliation: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Description: This presentation presents several design innovations that have been investigated by University of Illinois researchers on several recent CRCP construction projects.

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