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Sessions and Events Schedule is coming soon. All sessions and events take place in Eastern Standard Time (EST UTC-5). Please note, Daylight Savings Time ends on November 3, 2024.
All events take place at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown.

On-demand sessions will be available for viewing in the convention platform/event app under "On-Demand Content" within 24-48 hours of the session premiere. Please note, on-demand sessions are not available for CEU credit. *Denotes on-demand content.

Fundamentals and Details of Welded Wire Reinforcement in Structural Concrete

Monday, November 4, 2024  1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, Grand BR Salon C

Referencing the recently published ACI 439.5R-18 document, young members will learn about the century-old steel reinforcing steel product and how it is used today. Experienced designers will learn how to design with it, and contractors will learn how to install it properly in today’s concrete structures. Presenters will discuss the product’s sustainability, physical properties, how it is manufactured and fabricated, how to design with it using today’s ACI 318 Building Code, and see examples of the product in its many forms used in a variety of modern concrete structures.

Learning Objectives:
(1) The attendee will learn about the history of WWR, along with the product’s nomenclature and identifying features;
(2) WWR mechanical properties and manufacturing processes will be presented to the group to foster a detailed understanding of production capabilities;
(3) ACI code-based design of WWR will be spotlighted, with illustrations and examples of structural usage provided to assist the specifier in their design practice;
(4) The use of a WWR as a method of streamlining constructability will be discussed to expand the attendee’s awareness of the on-the-job product benefits.

History of Wire and WWR

Presented By: Augusta Gaertner
Affiliation: Insteel Industries Inc
Description: A comprehensive history of wire and welded wire reinforcement (WWR) will be presented. Uses of wire and WWR, past and present, will be discussed, including nomenclature and photos of historical uses of the products. Unique applications in well-recognized reinforced concrete structures across the US will be shared.

Wire and WWR - Material Properties and Availability

Presented By: Christopher Reeve
Affiliation: Insteel Wire Products Company
Description: Industry codes and standards for the manufacture and application of wire and WWR will be discussed, including a detailed look into the physical properties and behavior of cold-worked steel wire and WWR. The presentation will also include information on sustainability and market availability of the various types of wire and WWR.

WWR - Manufacturing and Fabrication

Presented By: David DeValve
Affiliation: Oklahoma Steel & Wire
Description: The various methods of manufacturing wire and WWR will be presented, including cold-working hot-rolled rod into wire, and the electrical resistance welding of WWR. The fabrication of wire and WWR, such as cutting, bending and packaging, for various applications will be discussed in detail.

ACI 318 Provisions for Wire and WWR

Presented By: Paul Aubee
Description: A detailed look into the ACI 318 provisions for wire and WWR will be presented. Topics of discussion include general provisions, reinforcing details, and various structural elements within the Code such as slabs and decks, beams, columns and walls. A special focus will be given to the provisions that are unique to wire and WWR, such as WWR stirrup anchorage for shear reinforcement.

Wire and WWR - A Constructability Perspective

Presented By: Theodore Mize
Affiliation: WMC
Description: The constructability in the field is the primary focus of this presentation. It will include a detailed look into the different ways to lap splice wire and WWR and the considerations from a placing efficiency perspective of each method provided for in ACI 318. Applications discussed will include one-way and two-way reinforced slab designs, and beam/girder shear reinforcement.

Simplifying Concrete Construction

Presented By: Thomas Plowright
Affiliation: Steel Reinforcement Systems
Description: The practical applications of using wire and WWR in cast-in-place concrete construction will be discussed. Topics include various examples of how wire and WWR can simplify the construction processes in bridges, tilt-up panels and foundations. Construction timelines and efficiencies will be discussed.

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