Sessions and Events

Sessions & Events 

C = Duke Energy Convention Center; H = Hyatt Regency Cincinnati

What I Wish I Knew: Involvement in ACI as a Young Professional

Mon, October 21, 2019 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM, C-Junior Ballroom D

This session will be targeted for students who are in the last few semesters of their academic careers. After attending this session, students will have a clear understanding of how to stay involved in ACI when they enter the industry. Five young professionals will discuss their experiences in finding their own path within ACI.
Learning Objectives:
(1) Discuss opportunities for young professionals on technical committees;
(2) Summarize young professionals' experiences with ACI local chapters;
(3) Review strategies to encourage employers support for young professional involvment in ACI;
(4) Recall opportunities presenters have had by being involved in ACI, and how those opportunities have helped advance their careers.

Why ACI? My Journey in ACI!

Presented By: Samhar Hoz
Affiliation: Helix Steel
Description: Participating in ACI is a critical step of advancing young professionals’ careers. I will discuss how to get involved in ACI, opportunities for Young Professionals on technical committees, and ACI local chapter involvement.

Shaping your Career, Shaping the Concrete Industry

Presented By: Destry Kenning
Affiliation: Nox-Crete Products Group
Description: What aspects of concrete get you most excited about pursuing a career in the concrete industry? We will explore how a person might go about narrowing down their options, and then, how to successfully implement ACI into a career.

I Was Supposed To Go To Law School

Presented By: Melissa Camarillo
Affiliation: Harris County Flood Control District
Description: The plan does not always go as planned. How to adapt and embrace your change in majors and how being an active member in your university’s chapter can play a successful role in your professional career joining technical committees as a Young Professional.

How to Get Involved with Technical Committees as a Young Member?

Presented By: Dimitri Feys
Affiliation: Missouri University of Science and Technology
Description: If you haven't noticed yet, there are over 1000 participants at ACI conventions, but each technical session attracts about 150 participants. So where is everyone else hanging out? The answer: technical committees. These assemblies of highly experienced and highly specialized individuals are essential for ACI, but it can be hard for young members to feel included in such group. This contribution gives an overview of the presenter's experience in getting involved with technical committees. The discussion includes the function, working mechanism and the different activities in a committee. It also gives some personal advise on what young members can do to select the committees they want to be active in, and how they can get involved with the committee in the best way possible.

Involvement in ACI as Teaching Faculty

Presented By: Anahid Behrouzi
Affiliation: California Polytechnic State University - San Luis
Description: As tenure-track faculty at a primarily undergraduate teaching university, Dr. Behrouzi will share how her involvement with ACI evolved since graduate school. Her prior service as board member of the University of Illinois collegiate chapter and receipt of ACI graduate fellowships spring-boarded her participation in committees related to student and young professional development including: ACI Scholarship Council, the Student and Young Professional Activities Committee (SYPAC), and S805 ACI Collegiate Council. On the technical side, she has been able to investigate the seismic performance of concrete structures as a member of the ACI 133 Disaster Reconnaissance Committee, notably as a co-investigator on a collaborative NSF RAPID grant with four other universities after the 2017 Mexico Earthquake. More recently, her involvement with these committees has led to opportunities within ACI such as judging for the Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards and presenting in an Innovation in Concrete Construction webinar. Dr. Behrouzi will also discuss how ACI has been a source of meaningful mentorships from leading industry and academia members as well as building relationships with peers.

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