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Advancing Concrete Durability: A Special Session Honoring Michael Thomas, Part 2 of 2

Monday, October 18, 2021  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

This session will honor Michael Thomas, PhD, PEng, FACI, FICT, for his extensive contributions to advancing cement and concrete research, and his service to the concrete industry. Various industry leaders will discuss the impacts of the research conducted by Dr. Thomas and his students in the areas of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), alkali-silica reaction (ASR) mechanisms, mitigation, and testing; sulfate resistance; chloride-induced corrosion; and other areas of concrete durability.
Learning Objectives:
(1) Report the cause of delayed ettringite formation (DEF) and how can it be prevented;
(2) Discuss sulfate attack and the influence of SCMs and ground limestone;
(3) Explain the impact of the marine environment on concrete and how it can be mitigated;
(4) Outline the value of academic research to the concrete industry.

This session has been approved by AIA and ICC for 2 PDHs (0.2 CEUs). Please note: You must attend the live session for the entire duration to receive credit. On-demand sessions do not qualify for PDH/CEU credit.

Durability Performance of Concrete Exposed to Harsh Marine Environments

Presented By: Ted Moffatt
Affiliation: WSP
Description: Having spent more than a decade studying and working under Mike Thomas, I can speak for many former graduate students that the highlight of everyone’s summer was annual trips to Treat Island. Treat Island is one of many concrete exposure sites that Mike Thomas had helped maintain and develop. The site is world renown as one of harshest concrete environments in world being exposed to the highest tides in the world and upwards of 150 freeze-thaw per annum. This presentation will highlight current, past, and future research on the site, and focus on Mike Thomas’ contribution to the durability performance of concrete exposed to harsh marine exposure sites.

Adventures of a Serious Researcher (ASR): An Homage to Mike Thomas’s Contributions to ASR and Beyond

Presented By: Kimberly Kurtis
Affiliation: Georgia Institute of Technology
Description: Prof. Mike Thomas’s career has been monumental in the scope of his many contributions, which span research, education and practice. This talk reviews, in particular, his contributions through his research and publications, his instructional and professional educational materials and through his development of guidelines and standards to advance the understanding of and mitigation of the alkali-aggregate reactions (AAR), including alkali silica reaction (ASR), as well as other aspects of concrete durability. This talk will touch on his deep expertise on ASR mitigation through the use of SCMs and admixtures. His contributions to practice through the development of a risk-based approach for mitigating AAR, which has been translated from a Federal Highway Administration document into ASTM C1778 Standard Guide for Reducing the Risk of Deleterious Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Concrete, will be also presented. Finally, his work to innovate and harmonize ACI guidance on durability of concrete will be discussed.

A Practical Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Concrete Durability (Sulfate Attack and DEF in Particular)

Presented By: R Doug Hooton
Affiliation: University of Toronto
Description: I have worked together with Michael on several durability projects, but this presentation will focus on two of them. (1) Through joint supervision of the PhD of Terry Ramlochan, it was found that sufficient levels of SCMs eliminated the risk of expansion due to delayed ettringite formation (DEF) after early-age exposure to high-temperatures. The role of alumina in the SCMs was key to providing DEF mitigation.(2) Starting in 2009, through the PhDs of Ashlee Hossack and Reza Ahani, we developed complementary laboratory and outdoor underground (low temperature) exposure sites to determine the sulfate resistance of concretes containing portland-limestone cements. The on-going long-term exposure site data has shown that there is no negative impact of PLC on sulfate resistance and that PLC concretes mitigated with SCMs are more resistant to sulfate attack than sulfate-resistant portland cement concretes.

Tales From the Road

Presented By: Kevin Folliard
Affiliation: University of Texas At Austin
Description: This presentation recounts various lessons learned, both personally and professionally, over 20+ years of friendship and collaboration with Michael Thomas. This presentation will primarily focus on field trials focusing on the prevention or mitigation of ASR in field structures throughout the United States, but other selected aspects of our long journey will be highlighted. What a long, strange trip it’s been!!

Comments From Michael Thomas

Presented By: Michael Thomas
Affiliation: University of New Brunswick
Description: TBD

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