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Sessions & Events 

C = Duke Energy Convention Center; H = Hyatt Regency Cincinnati

123 Forum: Is Ultra-High-Performance Concrete Necessary?

Mon, October 21, 2019 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, C-Junior Ballroom B

Ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) is a technology that has grown from the desire to improve the mechanical and durability properties of concrete. In addition to compressive strengths exceeding 22,000 psi (150 MPa), UHPC generally has higher tensile strength, ductility and toughness. These properties are achieved through a combination of admixtures as well as the use of fibers. There are, however, challenges associated with this technology including cost, complicated mixing procedures that require specialized training, lack of design codes that can utilize the enhanced mechanical properties, and a lack of test methods and data on the material’s structural performance. The goals of this forum are to explore current applications, identify research needs, and discuss whether the benefits of UHPC outweigh the challenges. Discussions on these topics will inform designers and potential stakeholders about potential benefits from using UHPC and will allow researchers to provide insight into the future of UHPC technologies.
A panel of experts from various backgrounds will discuss these questions and more to provide the audience information regarding the latest developments of concrete research. The forum will
start with short presentation by each of the panelists. The presentations will be followed by an interactive discussion with the audience.
Learning Objectives:
(1) Define the key differences between normal and ultra-high-performance concrete;
(2) Describe the current state of research regarding UHPC and the direction it is going;
(3) Identify applications of UHPC and discuss the reasoning for using UHPC in that application;
(4) Discuss the key costs and benefits to UHPC that need to be addressed before wide scale adoption.

ACI 123 Concrete Research Poster Session - Outstanding Poster Award Announcement

Presented By: Robert Thomas
Affiliation: Clarkson University

Introduction of Panelists and Forum Topic

Presented By: Mohammad Pour-Ghaz
Affiliation: North Carolina State University

UHPC: A Compelling Solution to a Wide Variety of Challenges

Presented By: Benjamin Allen Graybeal
Affiliation: Federal Highway Administration

UHPC: An Opportunity to reinvent Steel and Reimagine Concrete

Presented By: JP Binard
Affiliation: Precast Systems Enigneering

Taking Advantage of UHPC Properties: Role of Specifications

Presented By: Kyle Riding
Affiliation: University of Florida

Challenges in Performance Evaluation and Characterization of UHPC

Presented By: Jan Vosahlik
Affiliation: CTLGroup

Advanced Concrete (UHPC) Pedestrian Bridges in Columbia

Presented By: Byron Velasquez
Affiliation: Argos Cement

Audience Questions and Panel Discussion

Presented By: Jacob Henschen
Affiliation: Valparaiso University

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