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Adapting and Reuse of Concrete Structures (ACI Fall 2021 Convention, Virtual Sessions) This presentation will introduce the concept of Tessellated Structural-Architecture (TeSA) systems and will describe an experimental test of a reinforced concrete TeSA shear wall. TeSA systems are comprised of individual tiles arranged in tessellations or repeating geometric patterns. Tiles are topologically interlocking, which means that they transfer forces by nature of their geometry rather than through a bonding adhesive or mechanical connection. A benefit of such a system is the ability to rapidly disassemble the tessellation and repurpose the tiles. Additionally, there is a potential benefit of localizing failure and rapidly repairing individual damaged tiles, rather than the entire system. In this manner, TeSA structures are sustainable due to the reuse of materials and resilient due to the ability for rapid repair. The TeSA concept is demonstrated through a test program involving reverse cyclic loading of the specimen. General load-displacement behavior, crack propagation, and energy dissipation will be discussed for virgin and repaired TeSA walls.

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May 30 - June 5

Development of 3rd Generation Corrosion Inhibiting Admixture for Large Repair/Greenfield Projects
by Surendra Manjrekar, Sunanda Speciality Coatings Pvt. Ltd.

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Integration of Innovative Techniques and Approaches for Optimum Concrete Structure Rehabilitation (ACI Spring 2021 Convention, Virtual Sessions) Bipolar corrosion inhibiting admixtures have been used since some time, both for green field as well as large repair projects all over the world. Various bipolar corrosion inhibiting admixtures have shown various degrees of resistance to corrosion of steel in reinforced concrete. The developments have been done to establish the next generation of migrating corrosion inhibitors wherein the dimensions of the molecule have been substantially increased so that the corroding factors can be offered resistance at longer distance from steel surface inside RCC. The use of such materials has already begun in large infra projects as well as repair products so as to enhance the life cycle of the new as well as repaired structures.

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