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Teaching Flexural Strength (Failure Modes) in Reinforced Concrete
by Royce Floyd, The University of Oklahoma

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Best Practices and Lessons Learned for Teaching Concrete Materials and Reinforced Concrete (ACI Spring 2021 Convention, Virtual Sessions) This presentation provides an overview of the theory behind flexural strength of reinforced concrete beams and design for different failure modes according to ACI 318-19. Focus is given to concepts that are appropriate for an undergraduate reinforced concrete course. The technical content critical to this topic is summarized and pedagogical techniques for presenting this content effectively are described. Examples of applying these pedagogical techniques in the classroom are provided with estimates of required preparation and classroom time. These examples include several models and illustrations that can be used in the classroom and a sample large-scale laboratory exercise illustrating the different possible flexural failure modes. Finally, lessons learned from the authors over many years of instruction at multiple institutions are provided regarding techniques that have worked well when teaching this topic in a typical undergraduate reinforced concrete course.

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November 29 - December 5

Applications of UHPC Vertical & Horizontal Panels
by Vic Perry, ceEntek North America

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UHPC – Innovations in Practical Applications (ACI Spring 2021 Convention, Virtual Sessions) While UHPC current applications include bridge connections and overlays or architectural cladding, there has been a slow implementation in using the material for structural / load bearing wall panels or deck panels. This presentation will present recent developments in the use of UHPC for load bearing insulated sandwich panels for vertical applications and UHPC Waffle deck panels for horizontal bridge applications. The presentation will show details of the systems, the UHPC elements, structural design, manufacturing, prototyping, load testing and a finished project.

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