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The Future of Coal Combustion Products in Concrete, Part 2 of 2 (ACI Spring 2021 Convention, Virtual Sessions) As the United States energy sector has shifted from coal combustion toward natural gas and other renewable energy sources, the availability of fly ash has varied, leading to increased interest in the identification of alternative sources of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs). One promising option is the utilization of previously ponded or “reclaimed” coal combustion residuals, including reclaimed fly ash. This study examines thirteen reclaimed coal ash samples for compliance with the ASTM C618 standard. These results indicate that many reclaimed ashes retain pozzolanicity, as measured through strength activity index (SAI), with nine of the thirteen ashes passing SAI requirements. Despite this, six of the thirteen samples did not meet ASTM C618 requirements, including exceeding limits on loss on ignition and particle size. For those ashes that did not meet SAI requirements, a novel and low-cost beneficiation process through chemi-mechanical grinding was examined. Processed ashes showed increases in the amorphous content by 5-36%.

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October 18 - 24

A Reinforced Concrete Bridge Pier Strengthened with HPFRC Jacketing
by Giovanni Plizzari, University of Brescia

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UHPC – Innovations in Practical Applications (ACI Spring 2021 Convention, Virtual Sessions) As a consequence of material degradation, increasing traffic loads and seismic actions, a large number of existing reinforced concrete bridges are no longer safe and may represent a risk for human lives and for the robustness of the road network. Many of these bridges cannot be easily replaced given the cost of demolition and rebuilding in addition to the social costs for traffic interruption. As an alternative to replacement of the entire structure, service life of a bridge can be extended by adopting reliable strengthening techniques. Among these, High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (HPFRC) jacketing was experimentally investigated in this research work. The pier was subjected to cyclic horizontal loads, both before and after strengthening, up to failure. Experimental results show that the HPFRC jacketing remarkably increased the flexural capacity of the pier, maintaining a significant post-peak residual strength. The jacketing also enhanced the structural response in terms of crack control and ultimate deformation.

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