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241-0A - The Application and Implementation of Nano-Engineered Concrete

Committee Mission: Develop and report information on the implementation of nanotechnology and nanomaterials in concrete for industrial applications.

Goals: a) create terms related to the implementation of nano-engineered concrete; b) create a report on the current applications and methods of implementation of nano-additives in concrete; c) develop guidelines and technotes on application and/or implementation of nano-additives in concrete production and quality control; d) report on investigation, modification and cost of nano-engineered concrete; e) report on industrial application of nano-materials to improve the performance and sustainability of cement and concrete; f) foster discussion on the selection of a standardized method for implementing nano-additives to concrete production at both the concrete batch plant and smaller concrete mixers; g) report on health, safety and environmental issues related to the implementation nano-materials in concrete production, during the casting process and throughout the tenure of the concrete structure service-life; h) organize technical sessions.

Chair: Jon Belkowitz

Upcoming Convention Sessions:
A Progress on the Application of Nanotechnology in Concrete
ACI Fall Convention 2023 - Boston, MA

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