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Committee Home

209-0D - Numerical Methods and 3D Analyses

Committee Mission: Develop, report, and promote accurate and efficient numerical methods for the creep and shrinkage analysis of concrete and concrete structures.

Goals: ACI report providing guidance to the practitioner on (1) rate type implementation of cross-sectional models and their use (2) 3D pointwise creep and shrinkage models with coupled heat and moisture transport

Chair: Roman Wan-Wendner

Upcoming Open Meetings:
ACI Spring Convention 2018 - 3/25/2018 4:30 PM-5:30 PM - GA-Sussex, Salt Lake City, UT

Work Folders (ACI)

Meeting Agenda & Approved Minutes
Meeting--September 26, 2017
Meeting--March 26, 2017
Meeting--October 23, 2016
Meeting--April 17, 2016
Meeting--November 08, 2015
Meeting--April 13, 2015
Meeting--October 27, 2014