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Areas Served: NATL-US

Programs Run:

Aggregate Testing Technician—Level 1
Cement Physical Tester
Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician - Level 2
Concrete Strength Testing Technician
Masonry Field Testing Technician
Masonry Laboratory Testing Technician

To get more information or to arrange for training and/or testing, contact:
Primary contact: Mr Jan A Prowell
Phone number(240) 436-4704

Please note that ACI has more than 120 Sponsoring Groups offering a variety of ACI’s 30+ certification programs. If the Sponsoring Group(s) in your local area does not offer the specific ACI certification program you are looking for, consider these additional options: expand your search and look at other Sponsoring Groups in surrounding areas; find an upcoming certification session in the ACI Certification Sessions Calendar; or contact an ACI Resource Center to explore scheduling a test at one of these locations. 


The ACI Resource Center coordinates with ACI chapters and sponsoring groups to offer direct, on-demand access to all ACI Certification programs, plus hands-on training and educational opportunities.

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