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RETIRED Adhesive Anchor Installation Inspector


This program has been discontinued as of September 2019. See below for more information.*

A certified Adhesive Anchor Installation Inspector is an individual who has demonstrated the knowledge required to properly inspect the installation of adhesive anchors in concrete. The Inspector must understand the responsibilities and qualification requirements of the Installer, inspection requirements as cited in the documents governing the construction of the project, and the process governing the qualification of anchor systems.

Scope and Knowledge:

This program requires demonstration of the knowledge covered on the Job Task Analysis (JTA) for Adhesive Anchor Installation Inspector:

Job Task Analysis (JTA) for ACI Adhesive Anchor Installation Inspector Certification

The JTA is a detailed list of specific points of knowledge that may be included in the examinations for this ACI Certification program. ACI urges candidates to use the JTA to prepare for the certification exams.

Certification Requirements:

ACI will grant certification only to those applicants who attain passing grades on the ACI written examinations.

Attend an adhesive anchor installation practice session, which must include the vertical down, and vertical up installations utilizing both system types (retaining cap and piston plug). These sessions are available through ACI Certification Sponsoring Groups.

The forty-five-minute installation examination is closed-book and consists of approximately 45 multiple-choice questions. To pass the installation examination the examinee must attain a minimum score of 74%.

The seventy-five-minute inspection examination is open-book and consists of approximately 55 multiple choice questions. To pass the installation examination the examinee must attain a minimum score of 70%.

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Study Material:
*PLEASE NOTE: This program has been discontinued; no participants are being accepted into this program. The description herein remains in-place to provide information regarding the credential, as individuals continue to hold active certifications.

If additional clarification or information is needed, please contact ACI Certification at (248) 848-3790.