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Cement Physical Tester


An ACI certified Cement Physical Tester is an individual who has demonstrated the knowledge and ability to properly perform, record, and report the results of specific ASTM tests on the physical properties of cementitious materials.

Scope and Knowledge:

This program requires demonstration of the knowledge and hands-on skills covered on the Job Task Analysis (JTA):

JTA for ACI Cement Physical Tester

The JTA is a detailed list of specific points of knowledge and skills that may be included in the examinations for this ACI Certification program. ACI urges candidates to use the JTA to prepare for the certification exams.

The program requires a working knowledge of the following ASTM test methods and practices:

  • ASTM C109 – 13ε1—Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortars
  • ASTM C151 – 15—Standard Test Method for Autoclave Expansion of Hydraulic Cement
  • ASTM C185 – 15a—Standard Test Method for Air Content of Hydraulic Cement Mortar
  • ASTM C187 – 11ε1—Standard Test Method for Amount of Water Required for Normal Consistency of Hydraulic Cement Paste
  • ASTM C191 – 13—Standard Test Methods for Time of Setting of Hydraulic Cement by Vicat Needle
  • ASTM C204 – 11ε1—Standard Test Method for Fineness of Hydraulic Cement by Air-Permeability Apparatus
  • ASTM C305 – 14—Standard Practice for Mechanical Mixing of Hydraulic Cement Pastes and Mortars of Plastic Consistency
  • ASTM C430 – 08(2015)—Standard Test Method for Fineness of Hydraulic Cement by the 45-µm (No. 325) Sieve
  • ASTM C490 – 11ε1—Standard Practice for Use of Apparatus for the Determination of Length Change of Hardened Cement Paste, Mortar and Concrete
  • ASTM C1437 – 13—Standard Test Method for Flow of Hydraulic Cement Mortar

Certification Requirements:
ACI will grant certification only to those applicants who:

  1. Obtain a passing grade on the ACI written examination; AND
  2. Obtain a passing grade on the ACI performance examination.

The two-hour written examination is open-book and consists of approximately 100 multiple-choice questions, separated into 11 sections. To pass the written examination, BOTH following conditions must be met:

  1. At least 60% correct for each of the required sections; AND
  2. A minimum score of 70% overall.

The performance examination is closed-book and requires actual demonstration of eight required test methods and practices. The examinee is judged on his/her ability to correctly perform (or describe, where allowed) required steps for each procedure.

Certification is valid for a period of five years from the date of successfully completing all requirements.

Recertification requires successful completion of both the written and performance examinations.

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Study Material:

CP–42 1st Ed. Technician Workbook for ACI Certification of Cement Physical Tester

This workbook contains information about the ACI Cement Physical Tester certification program, study questions, and sample checklists.

There are no ASTM Standards in this document.

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This video is a resource for new testers and a refresher for experienced testers. The video is presented in chapters based on test methods so each one can be reviewed individually. The following ASTM tests are covered: ASTM C109, C151, C185, C187, C191, C204, C266, C1437. Additionally, there is a brief review of safety, equipment, and the laboratory environment. Each chapter reviews the equipment specific to the ASTM test, the procedure to follow the test, and the calculation of the result. Helpful tips are provided throughout to improve the technicians’ knowledge and technique.

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