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Volunteers from ACI’s international chapters and international partner associations have translated CI articles into several languages. This activity helps advance the mission of ACI by further disseminating knowledge of concrete technology around the world.




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Placing and finishing of concrete slabs with portland-limestone cement (Type IL cement) may create issues for some contractors, and bleeding rate is a major factor. The article discusses saw cutting, cold weather protection, post-tensioning, and form removal, as well as best practices and strategies to minimize risks during floor slab finishing and early-age, strength-critical construction with Type IL cement.

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This month’s Q&A provides an explanation on how to determine an effective depth of a section d when multiple layers of reinforcement are distributed through an entire depth of a reinforced concrete beam.

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Architects, structural engineers, and contractors should work together to ensure that reducing embodied carbon in concrete on every project is a priority. This article sets out the framework for concrete contractors’ participation in smart sustainable concrete construction. It reflects input from the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) Sustainability Committee.

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This Part 2 in a four-part series focuses on some of the key concepts and limitations impacting understanding and ability to make statements regarding safety of existing structures. It discusses how assessment of existing structures requires an understanding of the expected performance of the structure and how the performance is affected by the requirements of the building codes.

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The recently published Guide for Cementitious Repair Material Data Sheet (ACI PRC-364.3-22/ICRI 320.3R-2022) is a result of cooperation between the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI). This document is a first in the industry to provide this information in a standardized, logical, and consistent format so that repair materials can be appropriately selected and specified.

Available in the following language(s): Spanish

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