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Volunteers from ACI’s international chapters and international partner associations have translated CI articles into several languages. This activity helps advance the mission of ACI by further disseminating knowledge of concrete technology around the world.




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Two documents from ACI Committee 306, Cold Weather Concreting, include different definitions for cold weather. This Q&A discusses both definitions and explains which definition should be incorporated into project specifications and project submittals.

Available in the following language(s): Spanish

Tests of corner joints have shown that simply carrying the reinforcement design from the adjacent beam elements and developing into the joint does not ensure adequate moment capacity. From the selected research, an understanding of the internal mechanics and reinforcement details becomes paramount in ensuring joints have sufficient capacity to transfer the required moments.

Available in the following language(s): Spanish

This is the third of a series of four articles focused on safety of existing structures. It discusses some of the intricacies associated with "reading the structure"--the process of examining the structure, determining the need for focused testing or further evaluation, and then deciding on a path forward.

Available in the following language(s): Spanish

National codes require determining the compressive strength based on tests conducted on standard cylinders or cubes, but these codes do not provide correlations between cube strength and cylinder strength. Experiments have shown that cube-to-cylinder strength ratios are functions of specimen size and concrete strength.

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Integrating Type IL cement into construction, while environmentally beneficial, introduces a range of technical difficulties. One primary issue is an inability to consistently achieve the desired compressive strength. Nanoparticle-based admixtures can be used to enhance strength development in mixtures with Type IL cement and higher content of supplementary cementitious materials.

Available in the following language(s): Spanish

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