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Volunteers from ACI’s international chapters and international partner associations have translated CI articles into several languages. This activity helps advance the mission of ACI by further disseminating knowledge of concrete technology around the world.




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The nominee for ACI President in 2021-2022 is Cary S. Kopczynski, CEO and Senior Principal of Cary Kopczynski & Company, Seattle, WA, USA. If elected during membership balloting, he will serve a 1-year term as ACI President that begins at the conclusion of the ACI Concrete Convention Spring 2021 and ends at the conclusion of the ACI Convention Spring 2022

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ACI Committee 133, Disaster Reconnaissance, was established in 2013 to deploy teams to investigate damage from natural disasters. Critical lessons learned from the information gathered through deployments is reported to ACI’s technical committees and membership. To date, an ACI team has been deployed to investigate damage resulting from five earthquakes, one bridge collapse, and one wildfire. This article provides descriptions of these investigations, including references to reconnaissance reports and collected data.

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Applying ACI 318: Can I use ACI 318 to design slabs-on-ground? Minimum Reinforcement: What is the minimum reinforcement required for slabs-on-ground? Hard Troweling and Air Content: Can concrete with a total air content exceeding 3% be hard troweled successfully? Exposure Conditions: What can be done to protect slabs-on-ground that will be subject to various exposure conditions as defined in ACI 318?

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The judging panel for the ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards selected winners for 2020 based on architectural and engineering merit, creativity, innovative construction techniques or solutions, innovative use of materials, ingenuity, sustainability and resilience, and functionality. The Kennedy Center Expansion Project in Washington, DC, USA, won the Overall Excellence Award. It was also selected as the first-place winner in the Low-Rise Buildings category.

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Constructed in 1984, Sound of the Sea II condominiums, Emerald Isle, NC, USA, underwent comprehensive repairs in 2007 and 2008. Repair and preservation technologies implemented on this project included impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) on balconies and localized galvanic cathodic protection in corridors and roof parapet repairs. After 11 years in service, ICCP continues to provide protection within the original design parameters.

Available in the following language(s): Spanish

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