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Volunteers from ACI’s international chapters and international partner associations have translated CI articles into several languages. This activity helps advance the mission of ACI by further disseminating knowledge of concrete technology around the world.




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When builders began construction of renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí’s Temple of the Sagrada Família in 1882, the primary construction material was sandstone. As construction continues, concrete—high-strength concrete in particular—has become a critical construction material for the cathedral in the last two decades. Support columns have high-strength reinforced concrete cores and exterior stone or precast concrete “drums” that serve as permanent formwork.

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This month’s Q&A discusses moisture vapor protection for concrete slabs that will be covered with moisture sensitive flooring materials. It focuses on the water vapor movement through a concrete slab, potential ways of reducing the water vapor transmission rate, and means of selecting a viable moisture vapor mitigation option.

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Industrial concrete floors, constructed either as slabs-on-ground or as pile-supported slabs, are not considered as load-carrying structures. When designing such floors in Sweden, engineers can choose between two design methods with different safety levels. Research is needed to understand why the less conservative of the two methods has led to many successful floors.

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On March 25, 2021, Juan Pablo Covarrubias Sr. was honored for his contributions to concrete pavement design with an online symposium. Twenty speakers summarized the history of concrete pavement design and research in Chile, the United States, and other countries, with a major emphasis on the role Covarrubias has had in inspiring his friends and colleagues to think differently. His work has led to thin concrete pavements, with superior durability and reduced economic and environmental costs relative to more conventional pavements.

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Structural plain concrete is used within structural elements such as arches, pedestals, and foundations. In 2019, ACI reinstated a committee on the topic, ACI Committee 380, Structural Plain Concrete. The committee’s mission is to advance the design and application of structural plain concrete to improve its performance and recognition as a reliable construction material. Recent advancements in materials and design methods are expected to lead to improvements in the economy and sustainability of concrete construction.

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