ACI Concrete Construction Competition

Registration Closed

This competition is open to all Undergraduate Students attending a university, college, or technical school (hereafter referred to as university). Students of Construction Engineering, Construction Management, and Construction Technology programs are especially encouraged to apply. The student must have an ACI Student Membership. The Faculty Advisor must be a member of the ACI Faculty Network

First-, second-, and third-place entries will be awarded certificates of recognition plus cash awards of $750, $500, and $250, respectively.

(Note that although more than one department from a given university can enter, only one prize will be awarded to any one school.)

In addition, each winning team (limited to no more than five students) will be invited to the upcoming ACI Spring Convention. Attending teams will be invited to present their solutions at the Construction Liaison Committee meeting and the competition sponsoring technical committee meeting, where their school will receive an additional $500 to be used to cover travel expenses. Winning teams will also be recognized at the Student Lunch during the convention.

2019 Topic Area

The 2019 topic will be: Scheduling of a Residential Development in Extreme Weather Conditions


October 1, 2019 – Prequalification Request published
November 1, 2019, 6:00 PM/16:00 Eastern Standard Time – Prequalification due
November 8, 2019 – Request for Proposals published
December 6, 2019, 6:00 PM/16:00 Eastern Standard Time – Proposals due


Prequalification emails received before the prequalification period will be considered invalid.

Register by email to with the following required information:

  1. University/school and department names;
  2. Project Manager's name and e-mail address;
    Note: This will be the only team member contacted by the ACI Designated Person
  3. Names of each team member; and
  4. Name of Faculty Advisor with e-mail address and telephone number
    Note: The Faculty Advisor is responsible for confirming that the student(s) are undergraduate students at the time of this competition.

The ACI Designated Person (the person all e-mails should be sent to) is Anthony J. Lamanna.
His e-mail address is:


A Request for Proposals (RFP) will be e-mailed to the Project Manager for each prequalified team. This RFP can be comprised anything that a Project Manager or Field Engineer may face on a concrete construction project.

A team can include from one to five students. A student can be a member of only one team. A university and its departments may register more than three teams, but the department is responsible for selecting no more than three teams to submit as its official entries. Based on the order of receipt of the teams' preregistration forms, judging will be limited to fifty (50) official entries.

Each team's proposal must be submitted as a PDF attachment and shall have no identification of the students, their school, or the school's location. The answer must have the identification number that is randomly assigned at the time the team is prequalified.

The team's Project Manager must e-mail the team's proposal to the ACI contact, Anthony J. Lamanna, at The answer must meet the requirements for form and content designated on the Request for Proposals.

Requests for Information can be made by completing the Request for Information Form and sending to the ACI contact. Forms should only include the identification number and no identification of the students, school, or location. Incorrectly filled out forms will be ignored. RFI responses will be sent to all prequalified teams.

Click here to download the RFI form.

Responses will be judged on the basis of clarity (presentation is concise and easily understood), technical quality (solution is relevant to the problem and readily implemented at the job site), and economy (throwing money at a problem is not a solution).

The judges will be appointed by the Construction Liaison Committee of ACI; their decision will be final.