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Volunteers from ACI’s international chapters and international partner associations have translated CI articles into several languages. This activity helps advance the mission of ACI by further disseminating knowledge of concrete technology around the world.




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The Air Garden at the United States Air Force Academy, just outside of Colorado Springs, CO, USA, was restored to its original glory. The restoration included excavating the grass-covered pools, reconfiguring the garden from a single body of water to 15 individually filtered pools, redesigning the mechanical system, and redesigning the concrete walkway around the pools.

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The newly constructed Sol Plaatje University Student Resource Centre in Kimberley, South Africa, has a design like the cut of an inverted diamond. To address the extreme conditions of the Northern Cape and provide climate control, the building is encased in an insulating, cast-in-place concrete shell with an angular, origami-like roof and a thermally active building system.

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Use engineering judgment, test reserve cylinders, and extract cores only if evaluation is warranted.

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An automated people mover (APM) at Los Angeles International Airport will reduce traffic and provide quicker access to terminals and transportation stations. To accommodate the APM guideway construction over operational roads and around existing buildings, the project team applied a cast-in-place segmental bridge construction method using formwork travelers.

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There is a need for displacement-based approaches for anchorage design that will consider realistic anchorage behavior by accounting for relevant parameters: anchor stiffness, baseplate geometry, anchorage pattern, and other factors. The article provides a discussion of the general concept of linear and nonlinear spring models suitable for the calculation of anchorage forces.

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