Contractors Day

Contractors' Day

Contractors' Day is held at every ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition and is focused on topics and activities of interest to contractors, including a technical session, luncheon presentation by an industry expert, and an evening networking event.

The next Contractors' Day will be Tuesday, March 27, 2018, during The Concrete Convention and Exposition in Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

Contractors' Day Events

Contractors’ Day Lunch: Speaker: Dr. Matt Townsend, Communication and Relationship Expert

11:30 am – 1:30 pm
$54 U.S. per person
Join other ACI attendees and contractors for the Contractors’ Day Lunch. Featured speaker Matt Townsend will give a presentation titled "Feeding the 7 Basic Needs of Healthy and Productive Relationships... The Art of Doing More with Less." For additional information on the Contractors' Day Lunch, the speaker, and the topic, please visit

Contractors’ Day Sessions
The Intermountain Chapter has planned two sessions for Contractors' Day. One will be "From the Ashes: The Engineering and Construction Challenges of the Provo City Center Temple" which will discuss the history of the structure, the the fire,the cleanup efforts, shoring, ground water management, waterproofing, wall strengthening and restoration, as well as the beauty that was created inside and outside. The second session will be "Concrete Construction", which will address common specified requirements for as-cast, architectural, smooth-rubbed, and grout-cleaned rubbed finishes, as well as as-cast surface defects and anomalies, including honeycomb, air voids or bugholes, sand streaking, and offsets.

Concrete Mixer
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

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Previous Contractors' Day Sessions


Project Overview

Mega Projects-Challenging the Southern California Concrete Industry

Presentation of recently constructed or under-construction “Mega Projects” in the southern California area including high-rise, stadium, and infrastructure projects. Discussion will include technical review of concrete mixes, evaluating demands for mass concrete, thermal control plans, design of mixtures for CIP/precast for the concrete structures, challenges related to materials properties to meet structural demands based on seismic requirements, MOE (modulus of elasticity), and ensuring the construction operations are efficient to meet the tight schedule and dollar requirements.

3-D Scanning Technology, The Future is Now

A presentation about the use of digital technology for concrete applications. Presentation will cover multiple uses of scanning in concrete construction and highlight the capabilities of the digital technology, equipment and programs including coordination with 3-D imaging, BIM and modeling, MEP coordination, documentation of existing conditions, record keeping and “as-built” verifications.



Project Overview

Performance Concrete: Control Your Own Destiny

Presenters representing the delivery chain of concrete construction, from Engineer to Owner, will discuss Performance Concrete from their own unique perspective. Following four short presentations reflecting the perspectives of the Engineer, Supplier, Contractor, and Owner, the presenters will participate in a 30-minute panel discussion to further explore Performance Concrete, and to address questions or concerns from the audience.

Four presentations of recently constructed or soon-to-be-constructed projects using reinforced concrete construction. Most of the highlighted projects are in the immediate Detroit area and cover road, bridge, sporting, and multi-story building projects.



Project Overview

Take The High Road-Developing Character of Impeccable Integrity

For millennia the world’s greatest master builders have successfully designed and built extraordinary works to serve mankind and improve the quality of life, risking their reputations and their very lives in the process. Suddenly, after unprecedented advancements in knowledge and productivity, these professionals must demonstrate a regular study of ethics to comply with the law. In this session, the speakers will explore common ethical standards and philosophies, and illustrate the revolutionary approach that strong character frames appropriate responses, transcending the usual know and play by the rules methods.



Project Overview

Avoiding Problems Through Sound Prevention Methods

This session features four speakers who will focus on various proactive methods, techniques, and technologies that will help identify and prevent problems with occurring with your projects. Attendees will have a better understanding of what can be done to prevent potential known issues and ways to prepare for unforeseen problems that seem to come out of left field. As Ben Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This session will be beneficial for contractors, architects, and engineers.



Project Overview


Contractors must overcome constructability challenges on every job. If these challenges are not addressed, the risk of construction errors, delays, and cost overruns increases. Constructability has many aspects, but for contractors, it essentially refers to the extend to which the design of the structure facilitates the ease of construction. As projects become more complex and expensive and the window of construction shrinks, constructability becomes more critical to ensure a successful project. In this all-day session, you will hear about constructability topics that can affect your day-to-day operations, schedules, and profits. Session topics include the following: recommended approaches to constructability, sustainable design requirements, optimizing mixture designs, dealing with cold weather concreting, construction tolerances, and reinforcement congestion.  

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