Practice oriented papers and articles ON VAPOR

Vapor Barriers Used with Capillary Breaks Reduce the Severity of Sulfate Exposure of Concrete

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 8/1/2021

Concrete Q&A: Moisture Vapor Protection for Slabs-on-Ground

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 5/1/2021

After Two Hundred Years of Estimating Evaporation, It Is Still a Mystery

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 3/1/2020

Implementing Best Practices to Improve Quality and Constructability of Hot Weather Concreting

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 3/1/2020

ASR-Related Distress in Floor Coatings

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 11/1/2019

Calcium Sulfoaluminate and Geopolymeric Binders as Alternatives to OPC

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 8/10/2018

Production of Sustainable Concrete Materials through Innovative Uses of CO2

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 8/10/2018

Modelling early age drying in fibre-reinforced concretes

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 3/17/2017

Products & Practice Spotlight: Solving the Slab Moisture Issue

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 1/1/2017

Concrete Q & A: Curing and Curling of Concrete Slabs Over Vapor Retarders

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 11/1/2016

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Effect of Early-Age Cracking on Corrosion Initiation in Reinforced Concrete

by James D. Lafikes, David Darwin, Matthew O’Reilly, and Omid Farshadfar

Leveraging 3-D Laser Scanning for Concrete Analysis


Physical Salt Attack from Sodium Sulfate

by R. Doug Hooton

Who is Carl Menzel?,

by Anne Werner

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