Concrete International

August 2018

Mixing, Placing & Curing

Feature Articles

Who is Watching Out for the Cylinders?
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Improving initial curing of acceptance test specimens

Recommendations are made to reduce the number of low strength tests.

Finishing the Sidewalk Scaling Situation

Investigation of widespread damage caused by extreme weather

Optimizing concrete mixtures for cold and hot weather construction is essential for success.

A Step Toward Practical Geopolymer Concrete

Results of lab testing and a field demonstration

Code Advocacy

Referencing ACI 562 in the IEBC

Knowledge to Practice: ACI Foundation

Fellowship and scholarship applications are being accepted

11th ACI Concrete Sustainability Forum

Preview of the event at The ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – Fall 2018

The Bridge Museum

Celebrating connection in an increasingly polarized world

AIA Small Project Awards for 2018

Based on the theme of renewal, 11 projects were recognized for exceptional design