August 2021

Mixing, Placing & Curing

Feature Articles

Vapor Barriers Used with Capillary Breaks Reduce the Severity of Sulfate Exposure of Concrete
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Industry practice and test data provide supporting evidence

FRP Bars—From Certification to Field Use

A summary of key documents needed for implementation of FRP reinforcing bars

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Near-Surface Qualities of Decorative Concrete

Preliminary study of the effects of finishing and post-finishing treatments on surface-abrasion resistance and water absorption

Meet the 2021 Overall Excellence Award Judges

Three-member jury will select the most outstanding project

Concrete Q&A: Project Submittals: “Reviewed,” “Approved,” or “No Exception Taken” and Minimum Shear Reinforcement for Structural Walls

A discussion of the role of project submittals and the review process; and Code guidelines on minimum transverse reinforcement requirements for structural walls

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