PRC-544.11-22: Measuring Shrinkage, Creep, and Transport Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete—Report


Fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) has become a viable choice for many designers and builders for the unique properties and advantages it provides. From slabs-on-ground to underground structures, the use of FRC has been expanding in concrete construction. This growth of applications has created the need to review the existing test methods for FRC and, where necessary, develop new ones. Two reports (ACI 544.2R and ACI 544.9R) have already been published regarding testing fresh properties and mechanical properties of FRC, respectively. This report is the third and final report on testing FRC for its durability properties, including shrinkage, creep, and permeability. Several standard and nonstandard test methods are presented in this report to represent some of the knowledge in this area.

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