ACI PRC-330-21: Commercial Concrete Parking Lots and Site Paving Design and Construction—Guide


Concrete parking lots serve many kinds of public facilities, commercial and retail developments, businesses, and multifamily housing projects. They primarily accommodate parked vehicles but may also provide maneuvering areas and access for delivery vehicles. The design and construction of concrete slabs for parking lots and outside storage areas share many similarities with the design and construction of industrial pavements, streets, and highways, but they also have some very distinct differences. A full appreciation of the differences and the modification of design and construction procedures to take these differences into account can result in economical concrete parking lots that will provide satisfactory service for many years with little maintenance. This guide includes information on site investigation, thickness determination, design of joints and other details, durability considerations, paving operations, and quality-assurance procedures during construction. Maintenance and repair are also discussed. Information related to the design and construction of concrete site paving for industrial and trucking facilities is in ACI 330.2R.

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