Troubleshooting Concrete

Troubleshooting is a form of problem solving, typically applied to concrete elements or structures that are aesthetically or structurally deficient. Such deficiency can result from errors in design, production/manufacturer, or construction, or due to damage or deterioration. Troubleshooting generally implies the need for cosmetic repair or strengthening of a structural element or system. Forensic engineering is the more formal and structured term for troubleshooting, referring to the logical, systematic search for the source of the problem, whether design, material, production, or construction; and correction so to allow the element or structure to made safe and useful. Troubleshooting (or forensic engineering) typically requires identification of the problems or symptoms, collection of additional information via testing, possible analysis of the existing condition, and application of experience to generate possible causes and potential remedies. Determining the most likely cause is often a process of elimination— that is, eliminating potential causes of a problem. Finally, troubleshooting requires confirmation that the repair restores the concrete aesthetically or structurally.

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