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Quality Assurance

Definition: actions taken by an organization to provide and document assurance that what is being done and what is being provided are in accordance with the contract documents and standards of good practice for the work.- ACI Concrete Terminology

Quality assurance is a method for the regular monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project to ensure that standards of quality are being met. The standards are outlined in ISO 9001:2008, “Quality Management Systems-Requirements.” The standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement Quality assurance should not be confused with quality control. The latter are those tests and inspections designated to confirm that materials and installations meet project specifications, as well as those internal policies and procedures of the concrete producer, steel producer, contractor, and installer established to provide work that is acceptable. Quality assurance seeks to verify that such quality control measures (for example, testing and inspection) are being done and done properly. Quality control measures specified in the contract documents are often delegated to the contractor (although his/her own quality control should always be in place), whereas the owner generally retains responsibility for quality assurance on a project.


Concrete Quality Technical Manager Certification

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 9/1/2017

Concrete Q&A: Field- versus Standard-Cured Cylinders made from High-Strength Concrete

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 8/1/2017

Improving the Quality of Concrete Testing

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 8/1/2015

Microspheres-Based Admixture for Free-Thaw Durability of Concrete

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 6/1/2015

Monitoring Temperatures in Concrete Construction Using IR Thermometers

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 1/1/2015

A Resistivity-Based Approach to Optimizing Concrete Performance

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 5/1/2014

Detection of Internal Defects in Concrete Members Using Global Vibration Characteristics

Publication: Materials Journal
Date: 9/1/2013

Assessment of Stability Test Methods for Self-Consolidating Concrete

Publication: Materials Journal
Date: 7/1/2013

Effect of Initial On-Site Curing on 28-Day Cylinder Strength

Publication: Materials Journal
Date: 9/1/2011

Instantaneous In-Situ Determination of Water-Cement Ratio of Fresh Concrete

Publication: Materials Journal
Date: 11/1/2010

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Chapters 9 and 10—Construction and Quality Assurance

by Jay H. Paul

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