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Definition: (1) a mixture consisting essentially of a cementitious material or materials, fine aggregate, and water that forms a cohesive and workable mass; (2) the act of placing such material.- ACI Concrete Terminology

Plaster consists of a cementitious material or a combination of cementitious materials, aggregate, and water. The material adheres to the surface and subsequently hardens, preserving in a rigid state the form or texture imposed during the period of plasticity. Plaster, also known as stucco, may be applied either to improve the appearance of the surface, to prevent rain penetration, or to obtain a surface that be cleaned easily. The two types of plaster mainly used for plastering in building are portland-cement-based plasters and gypsum-based plasters.


Concrete that Cleans Itself and the Air

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Date: 2/1/2009

Strength Optimization of Novel Binder Containing Plasterboard Gypsum Waste

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Graveyard Concrete

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Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Walls with Interior Plaster Coating under Exterior Hard Projectile Impact

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A Historical Review of the Development of Chemical and Mineral Admixtures for Use in Stucco Plaster and Terrazzo Floor

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Study and Application of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Technique for Atmospherically Exposed Salt-Contaminated Reinforced Concrete Structures

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Guide to Portland Cement Plastering

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Residential Construction Using Composite Building Panels

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Fire-Testing Epoxies

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Effects of Different Fly Ashes and Silica Fume on Selected Properties of an Expansive Grout

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 2/1/1986

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