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Definition: mixture of cementitious materials and water, or other binding medium, with fine aggregate.- ACI Concrete Terminology

Grouts are combinations of hydraulic cements; fine aggregates, including graded iron particles; various additives, including chemical admixtures; and water. Various epoxy combinations with and without suspended fine aggregate have also been employed. Grout forms the vital link between machines, equipment, and column bases and their foundations.


Investigation of Grouted Dowel Connections for Precast Wall Construction

Publication: Structural Journal
Date: 1/1/2019

Study of Interaction between a PreWEC System and Surrounding Structure

Publication: Structural Journal
Date: 9/1/2018

Shifted Plastic Hinging for Grouted Sleeve Column Connections

Publication: Structural Journal
Date: 7/1/2018

Development and Evaluation of Air-Entrained Grout- Enriched Roller-Compacted Concrete

Publication: Materials Journal
Date: 3/1/2018

Anchorage of Bundled Bars Grouted in Ducts

Publication: Structural Journal
Date: 3/1/2018

Shear Behavior of Post-Tensioned Girders

Publication: Structural Journal
Date: 11/1/2017

Impact of Lightweight Aggregate on Concrete Thermal Properties

Publication: Materials Journal
Date: 11/1/2017

An Experimental Study of Welded Bar Sleeve Wall Panel Connection under Tensile, Shear, and Flexural Loads

Publication: IJCSM
Date: 9/30/2017

Compressive Behavior of Concrete Panels Containing Steel and Plastic Ducts

Publication: Structural Journal
Date: 9/1/2017

Experimental Investigation of Prestressing Strand Bond on Behavior of Concrete Members

Publication: Structural Journal
Date: 1/1/2017

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