Fly Ash

Definition: the finely divided residue that results from the combustion of ground or powdered coal and that is transported by flue gases from the combustion zone to the particle removal system.- ACI Concrete Terminology

Fly ash is a by-product from the combustion of pulverized coal, and is widely used as an ingredient in hydraulic-cement concrete. Because it improves many desirable properties of concrete, it is introduced either as a separately batched material or as a component of blended cement. Fly ash reacts with the hydrating hydraulic cement to form a cementing medium.

Practice oriented papers and articles ON FLY ASH

The behavior of concrete columns confined by UHP-FRCC jacketing

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 10/1/2020

Filling the Voids

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 5/1/2020

Evaluating the Performance and Feasibility of Using Recovered Fly Ash and Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) Fly Ash as Concrete Pozzolan

Publication: CRC
Date: 3/1/2020

Barbours Cut Terminal - Container Port Wharf Expansion Design

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 1/23/2020

Fly Ash Geopolymer Pervious Concrete

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 1/1/2020

Assessing the deicer salt scaling resistance of concrete containing supplementary cementing materials

Publication: CRC
Date: 12/19/2019

Understanding Shrinkage in Alternative Binder Systems

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 12/11/2019

Internal Curing and Supplementary Cementitious Materials in Bridge Decks

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 12/11/2019

Freeze-Thaw and Salt Resistance of a Fly Ash Based Pervious Concrete

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 12/11/2019

Properties of Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Mortars

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 9/30/2019

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