Fire Resistance of Concrete

Definition: (1) the property of a material or assembly to withstand fire or give protection from it; (2) the ability of building elements to confine a fire or, when exposed to fire, to continue to perform a given structural function, or both.- ACI Concrete Terminology

Fire resistance is influenced by both the thermal and physical properties of the structural element. Factors affecting the thermal performance are: type of aggregate in the concrete; free moisture in the concrete, both absorbed and capillary; and volume of concrete per square foot (square meter) of exposed area. Factors affecting the structural performance are: stress level in the concrete and the steel, cover over the reinforcing bars, tendency of aggregate and free moisture to cause spalling, and lateral restraint conditions.

Practice oriented papers and articles ON FIRE RESISTANCE OF CONCRETE

Measurement of the Radiation Shielding Performance of GRC Composite Materials

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 7/1/2022

A Case Study on the Durability of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Fireproofing in Aggressive Industrial Environments

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 4/1/2022

Parking Garage Fires Revisited

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 12/1/2021

Deep Neural Network to Predict Fire Resistance of FRP-Strengthened Beams

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 11/1/2021

Optimization of partially prefabricated HyFRC slabs

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 10/1/2020

Strategies for Enhancing Fire Resistance of High-Strength Concrete Structures

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 5/1/2020

Fire Performance of Reinforced Concrete Columns Based on Eurocode 2

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 8/10/2018

Influence of Fiber Content on the Conductivity of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 8/10/2018

High Temperature Compatibility of CFRP versus Steel Reinforcement for Concrete

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 6/18/2018

Design of Flat Plate Voided Concrete Slab Systems

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 9/29/2017

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