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Definition: a composite structural material comprising thin sections consisting of cement mortar reinforced by a number of closely spaced layers of steel wire mesh.- ACI Concrete Terminology

Ferrocement is a type of thin-wall reinforced concrete commonly constructed of hydraulic-cement mortar reinforced with closely spaced layers of continuous and relatively small wire mesh. The mesh may be made of metallic or other suitable materials. Ferrocement has a very high tensile strength-to-weight ratio and superior cracking behavior in comparison to conventional reinforced concrete. Unlike conventional concrete, ferrocement reinforcement can be assembled into its final desired shape and the mortar can be plastered directly in place without the use of a form.


Modeling of Inexpensive Strengthening Technique for Reinforced Concrete Beams

Publication: Structural Journal
Date: 3/1/2017

Effect of High Axial Load on Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints with and without Strengthening

Publication: Structural Journal
Date: 11/1/2015

Le Toumelin

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 11/1/2012

Art and Science of Building in Concrete: The Work of Pier Luigi Nervi

Publication: Concrete International
Date: 3/1/2012

Four Decades of Progress: Personal Perspective

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 10/1/2010

Pullout Response of Ferrocement Members Embedded in Soil

Publication: Materials Journal
Date: 3/1/2008

Study on Corrosion Durability of Ferrocement

Publication: Materials Journal
Date: 2/1/2008

Closed-Form Moment-Curvature Expressions for Homogenized Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Publication: Materials Journal
Date: 7/1/2007

Temperature Controlled Microwave Accelerated Curing of Precast Ferrocement Secondary Roofing Slabs

Publication: Special Publication
Date: 12/1/2004

Hysteretic Behavior of Ferrocement-Retrofitted Clay Tile Walls

Publication: Structural Journal
Date: 5/1/2004

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